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Friday, October 6

8:15-9:00 AM — Registration

9:00-Noon—Pastor’s and Church Leader’s session—“What’s Next God? Leaders in the wilderness looking for the promised land” by Jonathan Shively

Noon-1:00 PM Lunch

1:00-4:00 PM Pastors, Church Leaders, and Parishioners session

“Are we there yet, God? Recognizing the promise of vibrant communities of faith” by Jonathan Shively

4:00-6:45—Dinner/ Fellowship/visit displays

6:45— Worship music begins

Bible Study on Colossians 2:16-19 led by Ty Pyles

Guest speaker Nate Polzin

Saturday, October 7

 8:30          Gathering and Registration
8:50           Gathering music
9:00          Welcome/Announcements/Opening Devotion
                   Seating of Delegates/ Approval of Agenda/ Recognizing East Dayton as a Congregation/ Affirmation of the 2023 Slate
9:20          Commission Reports
                   Missional Renewal (includes Racial Justice Team)
9:30 Shared Ministries Report—
                 BDM—Burt and Helen
                 Camping and Retreat Ministries—Camp Sugarwood—Carrie Drees
                  Young Adults—Laura Brown—video
9:45 District Staff Reports
                Interim DE
                Director of Communications
10:00    District Board Report
10:10    Visioning Team Report
10:30    Break
10:40   Gathering music
10:45   Resource Development Commission Report
             Presentation of 2024 Budget/discussion/vote
11:45 Presentation of East Dayton Ministry
12:00 Lunch/Fellowship
1:00 Ministry Commission Report/Recognition of Pastoral Anniversaries
1:15 Recognition of closing or departing congregations—West Alexandria, Prices Creek? Others??
1:30 On Earth Peace Report
1:40 Bethany Report
1:50 Brethren Retirement Community Report
2:00  Break
2:15 Presentation of Query/Discussion/vote
3:30 Moderator Reflections
3:45 Passing of the Gavel
4:00 Adjourn