Empowering Leadership Grant Guidelines

Purpose of the Grant

To provide financial support for any member of a District congregation: who is in a leadership position and wishes to obtain further training to enhance their leadership role or any member of a District congregation who wishes to seek training to prepare them for future church leadership.

Amount of the Grant

Grant amounts will not exceed $3000. Grant applicants must provide at least one-fourth of the cost of their proposed activity. (The grant amount will be a maximum of a three to one match of the applicant’s contribution.) Should an individual believe the 3 to 1 match limitation places a hardship on them, they may appeal to the Resource & Development Committee to have this provision waived. The amount offered to a grantee will be restricted by the amount of money available from allotted funds; the number of grant applications received in each application period, and the judgment of the Resource & Development Committee as to the merits of the request.

Review of Applications and Disposition of Grants

The Resource & Development Committee will receive all applications for grants. It will be the Committee’s responsibility to carefully and thoughtfully review each application on its own merit. The Committee will have the capacity to request additional information from an applicant if such is deemed appropriate by the Committee. After consideration of the application, a representative of the Committee will notify the applicant by letter as the disposition of the grant.

Empowering Leadership Grant application

This application form is for individuals: who belong to a congregation within the Southern Ohio Kentucky District of the Church of the Brethren, who seek financial support for enhancing their capacity to perform their current Church Leadership position or for developing skills that will prepare them for future Church Leadership. Complete the Empowerment Grant Application form. Applicants will need to include two letters of support from persons knowledgeable about their aspirations. Please send letters of support and completed application form to SODCOB@brethren.org . As acceptance of this grant, you must provide summary of grant benefit to the Resource Development Committee via SODCOB@brethren.org at end of grant approved activity. This summary should be a letter and can have pictures and/or video; that can be used for district wide communication of grant uses.