"I have really appreciated the deeper level of learning made possible in an extended program like the Generosity Project. It has kept me thinking about generosity throughout the year rather than only at budget time and allowed me the accountability I need to keep up with reading and learning beyond the weekly tasks of sermon prep and regular administration. The Generosity Project is helping me to think differently about stewardship in my congregation both on the theoretical/theological level and at the practical level.”


“I have struggled for years with the usual church attitude toward stewardship as a necessary evil. Through the Generosity Project, we have to be able to talk about money with integrity and authenticity, in an atmosphere free from manipulation or guilt. We have received vitally helpful resources to help reshape the conversation and a safe environment to explore methodologies. I have greatly appreciated that the overall tone of the Project has been one of discovery and grace. This approach has allowed us to explore the established assumptions of stewardship theology without getting bogged down in them.”

The Generosity Project 

For many churches, dealing with COVID-19 for nearly two years has felt like a major disruption to their ministries. On the other hand, the commotion seems to be a good time to rethink, even redesign an effective and faithful response to what God is doing in our neighborhoods. An exploration of what it means to be “stewards of God’s mysteries” (I Cor. 4:1, NRSV) in today’s culture and context is an essential part of this discovery.

The Southern Ohio/Kentucky District Board has authorized the Resource Development Commission to offer our churches the opportunity of a year-long study titled The Generosity Project, which will:


  • reinforce the importance of stewardship as a call to generosity as disciples of Jesus;
  • reframe your church’s stewardship conversations;
  • refresh stewardship patterns by finding new ways of engaging generosity.

You are invited to participate in the first Generosity Project cohort, consisting of 4-5 pastors and a selected layperson from his/her congregation. Activities include:

  • Attending an initial in-person, half-day orientation;
  • Reading The Generosity Project selected books, one each quarter of the year;
  • Attending a quarterly virtual meeting of the cohort to discuss the reading;
  • Viewing one Generosity Project webinar per quarter (in asynchronous time);
  • Creating and implementing a generosity experiment to address your congregation’s unique stewardship needs.

The Resource Development Commission will provide the four books for the cohort. Marcia Shetler, retired executive of the Ecumenical Stewardship Center, will serve as The Generosity Project facilitator.

The Cohort will begin in May 2022, so if you would like to participate, please respond no later than March 31 using the phone number or email address below.



Please also feel free to reach out with any questions. Please provide me with your contact info and preferred time for returned contacts.


The Resource Development Commission is delighted to offer this opportunity for pastors and their laity. We hope that it will provide hope for your congregation’s future, new possibilities for its mission and growth, and new commitments to be generous disciples who serve as the hands and feet of Christ.

Grace and peace to you,

Glenn Timmons, Project Coordinator and Chair of the Resource Development Commission

The Generosity Project was designed by the staff of the American Baptist Churches  USA and utilized in many of their congregations across the country. The quotes included in this letter are from ABC-USA participants. The Southern Ohio/Kentucky District Board is grateful for the generous gift of permission to use this resource.