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Youth Winter Adventure

Jan 17, 1:00 pm – Jan 19, 2:00 pm

This would make a great Christmas gift for any youth! Join other youth across the Southern Ohio ...
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God is moving in our midst. Will you listen anew and afresh to the Spirit-- living out the love of Jesus for each of us; finding your place in carrying out the mission to which God is calling you? Together we are greater than the sum of our parts and with the Spirit of God moving, energizing, and inspiring, great, marvelous, and wonderful things will be accomplished. We are in this together, we are God's church known as the Church of the Brethren in Southern Ohio and Kentucky . . . the church with over 50 meeting places throughout this region with more meeting places to come. 


Blessings for the Journey

Reflections from our District Executive

"I pray all reading this will take the opportunity to give thanks, not only this week, but all days and to be able to spend time with family and friends in true community as God’s people."-- Dave Shetler
Gracious God, you have given us all things. You have given us minds for
thinking, hearts for feeling, a soul for connecting with you.
We are thankful for the blessing of material things, for family and friends. We
are more thankful for the gift of life, which, in your grace, you have given us
so that we might be in relationship with you. May we not sacrifice our souls
to what is plentiful on this earth, but to your call for our ministry together.
Thanks be to you, O Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. Let us adore you
always! Amen.

God of endless providing, we give thanks for both the simple, ordinary ways you sustain us and for the complex, amazing gifts of your creation:
for the warm scent of fresh bread and the sharp taste of icy water;
for the elusive touch of a spider’s web and the hidden center of a black hole;
for the gift of loyal companions on long journeys;
for the myriad communities and cultures who find you in their midst;
for all the ways you reveal yourself, whether close at hand, or out of our reach.
Do not let us become complacent. Keep us always mindful of your care for us, that we may remain your grateful people, servants praying in the name of the Servant. Amen.
-- Two Thanksgiving prayers from the Homiletics Website


 Blessings for the journey!

Dave Shetler

District Executive

Southern Ohio District Church of the Brethren


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