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Wide Arms Security Blankets

June 17, 2016

In many ways, Brandi Motsinger is a typical teenage girl. She attends the Stony Creek Church of the Brethren. Recently, she spent some time volunteering at the St. Vincent DePaul Women and Family shelter. While she was there, her heart was especially touched by the children in the shelter. She felt herself longing for a way to give them a bit of security and warmth. Thus Wide Arms Security Blankets Ministry was formed. 


Pictured above, is Brandi with her first delivery of blankets. On Saturday, April 23, she dropped off 200 blankets which had been donated by the Stony Creek Church and others. Brandi looks forward to the time when Wide Arms Security Blankets is a worldwide ministry! As you can see, in many ways, Brandi Motsinger is not a typical teenage girl!


The Southern Ohio District Shared Ministry Commission is excited to partner with Brandi and Wide Arms Security Blankets Ministry along with the Stony Creek Congregation and invites the entire district to do so as well. If you are interested to know how you can be involved, click here to contact Brandi.