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Missional Renewal Toolkit

The Missional Renewal Commission is seeking to gather a list of resources which will assist local congregations as they seek ways to take the ministry and message of Jesus Christ into their local communities. 

The E-3 Dynamic Church Movement

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 E-3 is a new strategy to strengthen congregations, including their ability to attract and retain new members.  This movement offers  five modules which will work in any congregation which has a true commitment to real change on the part of clergy and lay leadership.    Each module includes:

  • a guidebook
  • the availability of telephone and e-mail coaching to the congregation by a person familiar with the module and with congregational life
  • and resources appropriate to the module that are designed for use on a congregation-wide basis.

 For more information call 800-774-3360.


Missional Church Bibliography

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What is a Missional Church?

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A 2-minute explanation by Jeff Maguire (and friends) of what a "missional church" is.

Wonder & Word

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Published by Bethany Theological Seminary 2010. Posted with permission.

This  fall/winter 2010 publication of Bethany Theological Seminary focuses on the missional church. Many excellent articles describe what makes a missional church unique. 

Renew 52

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Renew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders under 50 is a free e-book, edited by David J. Lose, that features short essays from 54 Christian leaders in 15 different traditions.

The authors are guided by the conviction that congregations are the primary place where the Spirit is at work for the renewal of the church. 

Pick one essay or read them all -- and revitalize your congregation!

The Church After Christendom

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