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The Brethren Heritage Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving historical and current information concerning the various Brethren bodies which have a rich heritage dating to 1708 in Schwarzenau, Germany.  Southwestern Ohio  was chosen for the location of the center due to the large number of Brethren living in the Miami Valley Region. The Brethren bodies involved with the Brethren Heritage Center are: Church of the Brethren, Conservative Grace Brethren International, Dunkard Brethren, Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, German Baptist Brethren, Old Brethren, Old Brethren German Baptist, Old German Baptist Brethren, Old German Baptist Brethren-New Conference, Old Order German Baptist, The Brethren Church.

Roots by the River

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This book has been revised by Marcus Miller. It is a history of the Old German Baptist Church in Miami County and especially the Covington area through 2010. The price is $40.00 (plus tax in Ohio) and $3.50 for shipping. This is a revised edition with corrected and expanded information. This 8½ by 11 inch burgundy hardback has larger type and has full footnotes and a complete index. We only have 400 hundred copies. Order now!