Family Camp
June 25, 2021     .     7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Family Camp is Friday evenings at 7:00. This intergenerational camp calls all families, no matter the number of people in a family or age. Single people are encouraged to join in the fun and activities. As we gather together, we will have time to discover Jesus as God’s light in the world. We’ll explore the importance of water in our life and spirits. Our Family Camp will help us recognize what creation may be telling us. Through creative play, we will see how God is with us through all seasons. Some lessons will uncover the ways we are interdependent with creation, and challenge us as caretakers of Earth. Everyone one will have the opportunity to express their own ideas in crafts, activities, and art. College and Careers Camp is our new camp which will meet at 7:00, on Tuesday evenings. This camp is for campers who are out of high school and in the workforce or college. The evenings will give campers a place to discuss God’s leading in their lives. Together we will explore how choices we are making impact creation. By gathering together, campers can reflect on daily ups and downs or changes being faced. Self-expression will be encouraged with water colors, clay, crafts, and creative writing. This new and very special camp will have fun finding the fascinating ways creation is speaking to us.