Ohio's Climate Impacts and Responses
October 22, 2020     .     7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Presented by Aaron Wilson & Jason Cervenec, OSU Byrd Polar Institute

Aaron B. Wilson is an Atmospheric Scientist at The Ohio State University, holding a joint appointment as a Research Scientist at the Byrd Polar & Climate Research Center and OSU Extension. He is also a member of the State Climate Office of Ohio. As a nearly life-long Ohioan, Aaron was inspired from a young age by the power of weather and has followed his passion with a deep commitment to this region. Aaron encourages everyone across the rural to urban gradient to think about “your climate change” and how changing weather extremes are impacting you where you live.

Jason Cervenec is the education and outreach director for the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at the Ohio State University. Jason currently has four NSF-funded research projects and led the development of the Columbus Climate Adaptation Plan. During his years teaching high school science, he participated in a Fulbright Teacher Exchange program in Mumbai, India and witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by much of the world’s population. Jason volunteers with Franklin County Juvenile Court’s Restorative Justice Circles and enjoys hiking and cycling. With his wife and two children, Jason lives in a rehabilitated 1908 house on the Near East Side of Columbus.