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The next District Board meeting will be July 29th..  


Treasurer's Report
Board Minutes from May, 2017 meeting
Director of Camping and Retreat Report
BRC Report          
Director of Communications Report
District Executive Report
Connections Commission Report
Missional Renewal Commission Report
Resource Development Commission Report
Ministry Commission Report -- The Ministry team did not have activity since the last board meeting.  We will be holding an informal meeting with Ryan Claybaugh who was called by the Stoney Creek congregation to be their pastor in the coming week or two. 

Gifts Discernment Report--Report for Gifts and Discernment... We have an open position for the board to fill Dorothy Langdon, then have and open position for the next term. The last thing is to fill a position on Program and Arrangements... Nan has served 2 terms.  And ideas would be welcome. Tom Bowser and Dennis Delk (Potsdam) will be on the slate. 

Shared Ministries Report
Program and Arrangements Committee

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