Moderator Elect

Ty Pyles, Moderator Elect

Ty is currently the Pastor of the West Milton congregation where he has found a small but dynamic group of believers that have taken the idea of walking as disciples of Jesus seriously. He continues to urge them as God's people to witness effectively, to speak truthfully, to love energetically, and to serve compassionately.

Over the past twenty years Ty has been involved with the District Board serving that entity as Board Chair and filling positions on the Ministry Commission and the Missional Renewal team. Hearing the stories and testimonies of people called to the set apart ministry has been a highlight for Ty. Working alongside people involved in meaningful and fulfilling ministries has assisted Ty in his own ministry. 

Ty shares, "responding to God's call has been a process that began in Brethren Volunteer Service many years ago. With role models such as Dale Aukerman, Anna Mow, and Art Gish I was able to form a foundation of faith and practice that has informed my life as a disciple of Jesus. This foundation was built upon by assisting the West Charleston congregation as Sunday School teacher, youth advisor, Deacon, Board Chair and then later, after being ordained, as their Associate Minister. Many people and situations have been a part of the Divine process that has formed me as a pastor. I look forward to exploring different routes in being an effective member of the body of Christ."