Moderator Elect

Vicki Ullery, Moderator Elect
Vicki Ullery Vicki Ullery  is currently serving the New Carlisle Church of the Brethren as their Associate Pastor.
Areas of responsibilities include worship leading, worship planning, leading LBU – our orchestra, teaching an adult Sunday School class, hospital visitations, organizing/planning the “Music on Main” concert series, planning events for the New Carlisle Leadership Academy.
She have served the Southern Ohio District in many different roles over the years.They have included providing music leadership for District Conferences and events, assisting Andrew Wright, many times over the years. Additional roles I have served the district as are Standing Committee member from Southern Ohio, coordinated Pastors’ Worship Services, District Volunteer Staff for Spiritual Formation, Program and Arrangements Committee.
Vickie shares, "I  have learned a tremendous amount and gained experience through all the various roles I’ve served in the local congregation, district, and denomination.  I have an understanding of the ministry that happens at each level and that happens in coordination with congregations, districts and the denomination.  Having lived in Southern Ohio my whole life, I have an appreciation for the many positive accomplishments of this district over the years.  I also am aware of the difficulties and struggles the district has gone through. I believe God has prepared me to serve as the moderator of the Southern Ohio/Kentucky District at this time through all of my life experiences, including my 31 years teaching music in the public school and 9 years teaching at the collegiate level as a music educator.  I have a passion to see what God will continue to do through the Southern Ohio/Kentucky District in the future."