Sie Brock Jr, District Board member
Sie Brock Jr. is currently the Pastor of the Stonelick Church of the Brethren where he has enjoyed sharing the passion and wisdom that God has graciously given to grow from a Youth Leader to now a Pastor. He strives to encourage others to grow stronger in their faith so that they may be able to be passionate servants for Christ in their ministries that God has called them into.          
This term as District Board Member will be his first official role with the District. Although, he has been a guest speaker at an insight session at Annual conference. Sie believes God has prepared him for this role for many years. He has placed mentors in his path that have given him guidance and allowed him to gather tools and resources that are needed to be successful in spreading His word. Sie shares, "God has also given me the grace and mercy to patiently love others and to help lead them through many different journeys, while we all learn and live God’s word together. By serving on the District Board, this will allow me to use the gifts that God has blessed me with and to become connected with something bigger and fulfill more of God’s purpose."