Listed below are the reports that have been received to date. As you scroll over active reports, a line will appear under them. As new reports are received, they will be added.

General Secretary Letter

Annual Conference Moderator letter

Brethren Disaster Ministry Report

Southern Ohio District Disaster Ministry Report

Brethren Benefit Trust Report

Bethany Seminary Report

Brethren Volunteer Service Report

Brethren Heritage Center Report

On Earth Peace Report

Ohio Council of Churches Report

Manchester University Report

Brethren Retirement Community Report

2018 Standing Committee Delegates Report

District Board Report

District Executive Minister Report
Director of Camping and Retreats Report
Director of Communications Report
 Treasurer's Report

District Commission reports
      Ministry Commission Report
      Shared Ministries Commission Report
     Missional/Renewal Commission Report
     Resource Development Commission Report
           2019 Proposed Budget

     Camping and Retreat Commission Report
     Camping and Retreat Budget

     Refugee Resettlement Task Team Report