Conference Workshops

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A Fresh Look at Church Giving Trends--Presenter Marcia Shetler

Giving in the US is becoming more:
· Donor-driven
· Relationship-focused 
· Time-transcendent
· Choice-abundant
· Boundary-bereft
· Information-rich
The Fresh Look at Church Giving Trends explores these characteristics and their specific implications for church giving. Practical suggestions are included.

Can we talk?? About money??? In Church????? -- Presenter Marcia Shetler

Sometimes it seems like we can talk about money anywhere, but in church. It’s ironic, since Jesus had more to say about money than any other subject. Our reluctance can be based on many factors, including generational cohorts, congregational culture, bad experiences, and lack of knowledge. But our unwillingness to have the conversations means we miss out on opportunities for generosity, pastoral care, and witness. This workshop explores how to have faithful money conversations and the roles that church leaders and laypersons alike can play in those discussions. Persons will be better equipped to confidently communicate about various giving opportunities and what they can mean for your church’s mission and ministry. 

Taking a Deeper Dive into Stewardship Ministry-- Presenter Marcia Shetler

This workshop will help churches:

  • Discover their unique missions and  ministries

  • Connect giving with their missions and ministries

  • Learn more about the three fountains of giving

  • Develop strategies for developing a year-round stewardship strategy


Help! There's Too Much Month at the End of My Money! -- Presenter BBT

Look at personal cash management and  budgeting from a Christian perspective, with an eye toward stewardship and simple living. Know the difference between financial planning and budgeting, and find out how to do both.

Are you an invited guest? -- Presenter BBT

Find out what birdseed, bridesmaids, and Heinz 57 have to do with stewardship. Using Matthew 25:1-13 as its biblical context, this session  examines the merits of planning for the financial and general vitality of the congregation.

De-mystifying Pastoral Taxes -- Presenter Deb Oskin

Mystified by the complex rules surrounding clergy taxes? Not sure what you're required to do? This interactive seminar focuses on the IRS rules for clergy, including clergy's “hybrid” employee status, self-employment taxes, the housing allowance exclusion, business expenses, medical reimbursement plans, how to claim unreimbursed business expenses under the new tax law, as well as ways to reduce the taxes you owe, with recent legal and legislative updates.

Where is the church treasurers manual? -- Presenter Kevin Schweitzer

This discussion will focus on the internal controls that can be put in place to protect a church's monies, protect the pastor and staff while providing the congregation with a sense of trust that their contributions are being safeguarded.  Some of these controls will provide  opportunities for individuals in the church to participate fulfilling the internal control.

Preaching about Stewardship -- Presenter Burt Wolf

For some of us stewardship is not our  favorite preaching theme. Since money was one of   Jesus’ favorite topics, it would be great if we could give stewardship some of the time and energy the topic deserves.
Together, we will touch briefly on a few of those key words that Jesus spoke about money. We’ll share our challenges and our joys in preaching on a Biblical perspective on money. We will also touch on the  successes and the  disappointments that have come when we have put the case for money clearly before our people.