Jen Scarr, District Board Member (Incumbent)

Jennifer Keeney Scarr (Incumbent) is the pastor of the Trotwood Church of the Brethren. She has served a previous term on the District Board and has been a member of the New Church Development Commission and this past year has been our Board Chair. She is the current convener of the Womaen's Caucus of the Church of the Brethren (an organization seeking to empower the individual woman and the community of women) and has been a Minister of Reconciliation with On Earth Peace. 

Jennifer is gifted with listening ears and an empathetic heart. She shares, "I am often able to relate and understand where someone is coming from even if I do not agree with them. I am also gifted with creativity and a mind for conflict transformation. My training at Bethany in these areas has been helpful in the past and have the potential to be helpful to the Board during this season."