Ann Stackhouse (incumbent), District Board Member
Ann Stackhouse (Incumbent) is a member of the Covington Church of the Brethren and a former member of the Mack Memorial Church of the Brethren. She served on the Church Board of both congregations as well as the Executive Committee, the Witness Commission as chairperson, on the Nurture Commission as Chairperson, and on the Christian Ed. Committee at the Covington Church. She has also been a Sunday School teacher for all ages from Nursery through Senior High for more than 25 years at both Covington and Mack Memorial.
Ann has attended two National Youth Conferences as an Adult Advisor; three Annual Conferences as a Delegate; and three District Conferences as a delegate. In the early 70s, Ann was on the District Youth Cabinet.
Ann has served a previous term on the board and has faithfully attended Board Meetings as well as serving on the District Shared Ministry Commission, this past year as their chair. This year, she has also taken on the responsibility of the Brethren Press display at District Conference.
Ann shares, “God has prepared me to be a part of the District Board through being a life member of the Church of Brethren, having the privilege of serving on the Church board for both Covington and Mack Memorial. Working positively with people, listening carefully, discerning concerns, and showing compassion are gifts I think will help.”