Adopt a Family

During this season of giving, many congregations look for ways they can reach out to our neighbors and friends who may be struggling. This year, especially, we have families in our backyard who are still reeling from devastating losses during the Memorial Day tornadoes.  What many may not  understand is if a family's house was made uninhabitable by the tornado their mortgage payments don't stop. Now they have heir monthly mortgage payment plus rent for their temporary home or motel bill. FEMA and insurance benefits are running out.

Just imagine if each of our 48 congregations would adopt just one or two families for Christmas what an impact we could make! Thanks to the efforts of Sam Dewey in Pleasant Hill congregation, we will be working with the Trotwood Madison School and the Trotwood School systems to coordinate this outreach effort. 

We ask that for each family you wish to adopt this Christmas you send a Christmas card which is signed by your congregation. It is suggested that you also give some sort of personal wish for the family. Whether it is simply to offer prayer support all the way to offers of financial, emotional, and spirital support. Inside the card you can include any other gifts you wish to give. Because of the need to protect the recipient's identity, we cannot give a specific list of items needed. However, here are just a few suggestions of what you may include:
  • Bus tokens
  • Grocery gift cards
  • Department store gift cards for coats, hats, gloves, boots or to be used for Christmas gifts
  • Gas gift cards 
  • Pay a mortgage payment 
  • Help with utility bills
On the outside of your card, please include attach alist of what is inside.

** PLEASE NOTE** The school has asked that we not give money directly to the recipient. If your congregation is willing to give financial contributions for things such as mortgage payments or utility bills, you will need to choose a contact person within your church who can communicate with the school system to determine how much is actually needed and to whom the check should be made out to and mailed to. Then, on the list of items donated, indicate how much money your congregation is williing to donate, and how you would like the money to be applied along with your congregational contact person's name and contact information. The school will be in touch with your contact person about how to move forward with these payments.  

If your congregation plans to adopt one or more families, please use the following information to deliver the gift.


Trotwood Madison Schools
3594 North Snyder Rd
Trotwood, OH 45426


Northridge Schools
Tony Hiser or Julie Riaff
2011 Timber Lane
Dayton, OH 45414


If you have any questions about how to donate, please text Sam Dewey at 937-684-0510 and he will return your text with a phone call. 

Click here to download a flyer which contains this information.