Communication is Vital to the Success of Our Ministry

Recently, the decision was made to drastically re-duce the amount of communications that Southern Ohio District prints and mails. This decision was based on several facts: 

1. It is much less expensive to use electronic means of communication . . . better stewardship of our financial re-sources.
2. We are consuming much less paper, ink, etc. . . . better stewardship of our natural resources.
3. Electronic communication does not accumulate in a landfill. . . better stewardship of our earth.

 We do realize however, that when we rely completely on electronic forms of communication, those who do not have access to the internet may be left out of the loop. Therefore, a printable version of this newsletter has been created. If you know of someone who would appreciate knowing District news, but does not have access to the internet, please help us spread the word by downloading this publication and sharing it with them. (Click here to download.)

 An additional publication that is designed to be inserted into your bulletin and/or newsletter is also created each month. This publication is sent to our congregations. Our hope is that our church offices are printing this information and making it available. If you are not seeing this publication each month, ask your pastor about it. 

Click here to download the most recent Bulletin/newsletter insert and/or printable newsletter.