Our Staff

Our staff consists of both professional, salaried staff and qualified volunteers. All staff are trained in the Bible study curriculum, the care and safety of young people, and specialized activities. Leaders are carefully chosen to meet the needs of each age group and are trained to understand and follow the guidelines and procedures of the camping program of Camping and Retreat Ministry Summer Camps. Lots of help is needed both in the kitchen and to counsel. Please look over the calendar above and see whether you might be able to help out in any of these areas. If there is an interest in serving, please contact Karen Dillon (crimdill@aol.com) or Charlene Foster (charbyclark@aol.com)


Financial Assistance

Camp and Retreat costs cannot be eliminated. Camp expenses are quite high, especially for families with several children. Churches often help with these costs to offset the expense. Scholarships are also available. However some people are very reluctant to ask for scholarships due to many factors: pride, feeling unworthy, feeling others need the help more, several children in the family, and other unknown reasons. Many simply do not send their children or attend an event due to the high costs. Even with a bare bones budget and lower registration costs last year, camp and retreats have been unattainable for some. We are searching for ways to encourage  more people to participate in these different life changing experiences. 

The Camping and Retreat Ministry is seeking generous individuals an churches who would be willing to underwrite these expenses and help reduce the costs to all campers. With a lower cost per participant, it is hoped that many more people will find the camping and retreat opportunities affordable to their budgets. 

Karen Dillon, Camping and Retreat Ministries Director
email: crimdill@aol.com

Scott Fitzgerald, Treasurer