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Reflections from our District Executive

By Dave Shetler |  September 14, 2015

May God indeed be with us and listened to as we pray.

Gracious God, life is messy and people are messy and nothing happens in a straight line. We fall down again and again, scraping our elbows, skinning our knees and doing face-plants in the mud. But, in the midst of it all there is your gift of Jesus -- Jesus who lifts us from the mire, Jesus who sets our feet on solid ground, Jesus who walks with us every step of the way, even in and through the valley of the shadow of death. We thank you that we are not alone. As our creating, redeeming, sustaining God, you go with us, this day and always. We thank you for your presence, help us to be even more aware of you with us. In the name of Emmanuel we pray, Amen.

--Adapted from the Homiletics website. 

 Blessings for the journey!

Dave Shetler

District Executive

Southern Ohio District Church of the Brethren