Southern Ohio/Kentucky District Church of the Brethren

Who Still Cares About Climate Change?

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Why don't we care more? October 15, 2020
Ohio's Climate Impact and Responses, October 22, 2020
Climate Justice in Global South and Climate Racism, October 29, 2020
Congregations and Climate Change Activism , November 5, 2020
Finding Hope in the Midst of Climate Tragedy, November 12, 2020

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A pastor in an Anabaptist-related denomination
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A recommended donation of $5/session will be used as seed money for a project to be determined as it arises from these meetings. If this retreat reaches its target of 40 persons in attendance across 5 sessions, that would be $1,000 to kickstart a project for SOKD to take action for sustainable climate solutions! Thank You
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